The Reasons You’d Need Garage Door Repair Services

What Usually Causes Stuck Garage Door?

A stuck garage door can bring your day to a halt. One way to resolve this issue is by understanding its cause in the first place. It can save you time, money, and frustration. Let’s delve into the frequent culprits that might be keeping your garage door from functioning smoothly below. Get insights from a well-versed garage door repair contractor now!

Broken Springs

The springs in your garage door system shoulder a significant load. If they break, it can cause the door to get stuck. Springs have a lifespan and wear out over time due to constant tension and usage.

Misaligned Tracks

Garage door tracks can fall out of alignment due to various reasons, like accidental impacts or simple wear and tear. Misaligned tracks can impede the door’s movement, leading to it getting stuck.

Obstructed Sensors

Modern garage doors are equipped with safety sensors to prevent accidents. These sensors can get dirty or misaligned, causing the door to stop functioning properly to avoid potential collisions.

Worn Rollers

Rollers facilitate the smooth movement of the door along the tracks. With continuous use, they can wear down, causing friction and resistance that results in the door becoming stuck.

Lack of Lubrication

Regular lubrication of your garage door’s moving parts is essential. Without proper lubrication, hinges, springs, and rollers can become dry and lead to stiffness, causing the door to become stuck.

Broken Cables

Cables play a vital role in lifting and lowering the door. If a cable snaps, it can disrupt the door’s balance and leave it stuck in an awkward position.

Power Issues

Garage doors operated by electric openers can face power problems. If there’s a malfunction with the opener or a power outage, the door might stop functioning, leaving it stuck.

A stuck garage door is a nuisance that can be caused by various factors. Whatever the cause, be sure to get it fixed right away. There’s A Professional Garage Door Service that you can easily turn to when it comes to seamless garage door repair services in Modesto, CA. For inquiries about our offers, just call (209) 200-4788!

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