Preventing Garage Door Repair Emergencies

Routine Safety Checks

A malfunctioning garage door poses a risk to your stored valuables. It can also be a safety hazard. That is why regular checks are important. This can ensure that the door operates seamlessly, avoiding those panic moments. Here are routine safety checks to prevent recurring garage door repair jobs:

Visual Inspection: Spotting the Early Warning Signs

It’s simple but effective. Regularly take a moment to inspect your garage door for signs of wear or damage. Check for any misaligned tracks, fraying cables, or broken springs. A quick visual sweep can often spot issues before they become major problems.

Lubrication: Keeping Things Moving

Much like any machinery, your garage door needs lubrication to run smoothly. Apply a high-quality lubricant to rollers, tracks, and hinges every few months. This prevents grinding noises, ensures smooth operation, and extends the life of moving parts.

Testing the Balance

A well-balanced door reduces the strain on the opener. To test, disconnect the opener and manually move the door halfway up. If it doesn’t stay in place, the balance is off, indicating worn springs that need replacement.

Reversal Test for Safety

Modern garage doors come with a built-in safety feature that reverses the door if it encounters an obstruction. To test, place a roll of paper towels in the door’s path and close it. The door should reverse upon touching the roll. If not, it’s time to call in a professional.

Inspecting the Auto-Return Feature

Another crucial safety check involves the auto-return feature. As you close the door, wave a broomstick in front of the door’s sensors. The door should stop and reverse. If this doesn’t happen, clean the sensors. If the problem persists, seek professional help.

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