Always Wondered Who Invented the Garage Door?

Always Wondered Who Invented the Garage Door?  

A Brief History Lesson on How Garage Doors Came About

A garage is much more than just somewhere to park your car. And the history of the

garage door

includes numerous innovations and adaptations which have given today’s home and business owners various options to choose from. So let A Professional Garage Door Service take you back into the past to find out the various twists and turns of the history of garage doors.

The history of garage doors has its origin as far back as 3500 BC or even earlier. This when the first wheel was created. Since this moment people have used wheels for transportation, which means they have been looking for places to store their vehicles.

City and town gatehouses first served as storage spaces way back in the ancient times.

In the 18th and 19th century, carriage houses were first used for storage. In the likes of colonial America, these were very rarely attached to houses, which meant owners had to walk through all the elements in order to get to their carriages. These carriage houses were not much more than barns and had simple walls, dirt floors, and gates which acted as doors. Carriage house doors were suspended from hinges and swung outwards. In order to prevent sagging, the doors had Z and X-shaped designs which strengthened the doors and even distributed their weight.

At the end of the 1800s, the first cars started to appear and slowly started to replace the horse and carriage. By the early 1900s, a clever chap called Henry Ford started to build cars, which is when storage started to become an issue. Garages started to appear, however, very slowly. In point of fact, the term garage only appeared in the English dictionary in the year 1902 and is a derivative of the French word “

garer,” that loosely translated means shelter or cover.


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garage door

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